The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be thrilling, but it also brings unique challenges to a marriage.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself or married to one, it can be a struggle to navigate the complex relationship dynamics that come with it.

In this episode, Brent Mekosh speaks with Rachel Lebowitz, a Professional EOS Implementer®️, speaker, and author who also describes herself as the wife of a driven entrepreneur and the mom of three entrepreneurs in the making.

Listen in as they explore the impact of entrepreneurship on marriage and family life, with practical advice for fostering a healthy balance.

Rachel discusses:

  • The psychology of entrepreneurs and their spouses (WHY they behave the way they do)
  • The significance of open communication between partners
  • How to tackle barriers like narcissism, compulsivity, resentment, and jealousy
  • Actionable steps for both spouses to manage stress and promote mutual growth
  • An introduction to the Driven Spouse Forum
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Rachel Lebowitz is a third-generation female entrepreneur. Since the age of 10, the school bus dropped her off every day at her parents’ school supplies store, where she helped out and punched a time card. By the age of 12, Rachel asked for a raise, and at 15, she convinced her parents to take their business on to Amazon and helped them build their website. But the most interesting part was observing the employees when the boss wasn’t around.

Fast forward to 2015, Rachel and her husband acquired a flexible packaging printing business. They were doing well, but inevitably, with the rapid growth, they hit the ceiling. In 2018, they discovered EOS and implemented it into our business. They have since grown their business from 17-30 million in revenue and from 30 – 100 employees. As a partner in business, Rachel got a unique vantage point into the day-to-day stress and struggles of running a company. Therefore, she is passionate about sharing those EOS tools they discovered to help businesses like yours get more peace of mind and your life back, like they did!