Curious about how the government’s pandemic response impacted small businesses? What are the lasting impacts of the Federal Reserve’s market interventions and mounting debts?

Join Brent Mekosh and his guest Carol Roth, a Recovering Investment Banker as well as an author and media figure, as they dive into the government’s response to the pandemic and how it has affected small businesses.

Carol explores the unequal treatment of small businesses compared to big corporations while also giving some insights into her latest book, “You’ll Own Nothing.”

Carol discusses:

  • Her background and career experiences
  • The government’s response to the pandemic and the ways it impacted small businesses
  • Potential setbacks the government may face in financing debt and some of the implications for the economy
  • Ways the end of private property affects wealth creation and individual rights
  • What you should know about digital currencies
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Carol Roth is the Creator of the Future File® legacy planning system, a national media personality, a billion-dollar dealmaker, a brand spokesperson, an investor, a board member, and a bestselling author.

Her legacy planning product, Future File, helps people organize their wishes and information and then creates a roadmap for their loved ones to follow in the case of incapacitation (dementia, Alzheimer’s, medical issue) and/or death to save grief, money and time in their loved ones’ biggest time of need.

Carol also has experience in every type of on-camera format imaginable, including hosting (Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy Series) reality competition/judge (Mark Burnett & Intel’s America’s Greatest Makers show) & live multimedia commentary, which includes business, finance, the economy, current events, politics & pop culture.