How do changing financial landscapes impact global economies and individual investors? How can understanding economic trends lead to better-informed financial decisions?

Listen in as Brent Mekosh speaks with Brad Rutan, Managing Director and Market Strategist at MFS Investment Management. This week, Brad covers the intricacies of bond markets, interest rates, and inflation while unveiling the profound influence these factors have on economic landscapes and investment strategies.

Brent and Brad discuss:

  • Ways central bank policies influence bond markets and economic stability
  • The opportunities and challenges associated with different types of bond investments
  • How can understanding economic trends enhance the effectiveness of financial decision-making
  • The impact municipal bonds have upon local economies and investment strategies
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Bradford T. Rutan, CFA, is an investment product specialist and managing director leading the retail fixed-income product effort on a global basis at MFS Investment Management.  He works closely with the portfolio management teams and is responsible for communicating the investment philosophy, process, and positioning of MFS fixed-income investment strategies, as well as communicating investment perspectives to financial advisors, institutional clients, and MFS’ sales force and relationship managers.