Have you been considering a career change? Looking to turn your vision of entrepreneurship into a reality? Discover the considerations to take when transitioning to a new career path from someone who has already done it.

Listen in as Brent Mekosh and his guests Justin Breen, founder and CEO of BrEpic, and Sarah Breen, COO of BrEpic, share insight into their unique backgrounds and how they transitioned from divergent fields to create a powerful network, BrEpic. From Justin’s background in journalism and marketing to Sarah’s medical expertise, the couple’s journey is a testament to adaptability and fearlessness in pursuing new opportunities.

Justin and Sarah discuss:

  • The importance of adaptability when navigating challenges and seizing opportunities
  • How strong family ties and balanced dynamics can impact your professional endeavors
  • Benefits of real human relationships regardless of physical proximity
  • Traditional gender roles and financial dynamics within relationships
  • And more

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