What is good leadership?

Do you have someone in your company whom you admire and believe embodies the qualities of a great leader?

Dive into all things leadership and trust across various sectors, including the military, government, and business areas, with Brent Mekosh, Geoff Hudson-Searle, and Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch.

Tune in as Oak recounts his observations of self-serving leaders during his military deployment while Geoff reveals the need for integrity and accountability in leadership.

Brent, Geoff, and Oak discuss:

  • Reasons leadership, accountability, and trust are important in organizations
  • What professions are experiencing a lack of leadership and trust
  • The impact of social media on leadership
  • How does the silent majority hold power, and why there’s a need for unity
  • Steps to create a positive work environment and foster innovation
  • And more!


Connect with Geoff Hudson-Searle:

Connect with Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch:

Connect with Brent Mekosh:

About Geoff Hudson-Searle:

Geoff Hudson-Searle is an independent non-executive director across regulation, technology, and internet security, a C-Suite executive on private and listed companies, and a serial business advisor for growth-phase tech companies.

With more than 30 years of experience in international business and management, he is the author of five books and lectures at business forums, conferences, and universities. He has been the focus of TEDx and RT Europe’s business documentaries across various thought leadership topics and his authorisms.

About Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch:

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch is the author of the 2021 release, “Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be.”

Based on 40+ years of leadership in the U.S. Army and subsequent civilian positions, Oak highlights principles that will benefit today’s leaders and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.