What are the implications of a royal family member’s health crisis on public discourse and media coverage?

And when it comes to immigration, what are the challenges we face in creating compassionate and pragmatic policies?

What do all these news articles on challenging times mean for our personal and financial growth?

Consider how news stories such as King Charles’ diagnosis and immigration issues impact our view of the world with Brent Mekosh in this week’s episode of SMART MONEY. SIMPLIFIED.

Listen in as the conversation sheds light on Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, his views on staying motivated and hungry for personal growth during periods of uncertainty such as 2020 with COVID-19, and the impact of reframing challenges as learning experiences for personal (and financial) growth.

Talking points include:

  • How does news about the Royal Family relate to history and culture
  • The current immigration landscape
  • How does reframing challenges as learning experiences impact personal growth
  • Why financial plans rely as much on overcoming challenges as it does on money
  • And more!


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