What happens when you first call your current or a potential new financial advisor?

In this episode, Brent Mekosh walks you through his business model at MP Advisors, LLC, starting from when you (and the team) pick up the phone for the first time.

He discusses who you talk to when first calling, what happens during a discovery meeting, and why people are reluctant to make the initial call. Brent reveals the importance of understanding the client and their money when building their portfolio and financial plans. And what are some of the conversations Brent has with potential clients and those who aren’t the right fit.

Brent discusses:

  • The process of becoming an MP Advisor client
  • The importance of considering personal values when building a portfolio
  • Why he needs a clear picture of the client’s current financial situation
  • How he advises clients who aren’t the right fit
  • And more!


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