Investment Banking

Creative Financing Solutions For Complex Business Transactions

At MP Advisors, we work hard to turn the complex into easy to understand  scenarios. Mergers, acquisitions, and underwriting provide investors with a chance to contribute to the transactions of companies which raises capitol and funds business action. We provide facilitation of these transactions which can be a stepping stone for new growth.


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Economic Sectors We Service:



Fuel and Distribution

Health Care

Industrial Products

Real Estate


Many More Industries

Transactions We Facilitate:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Realize the potential of increased capital while undergoing a merger or acquisition. Investors purchase shares in both companies before the completion of the transaction which assists in the cost of the merger or acquisition. 


Utilize investors desire to purchase stocks and bonds which fund loans for your company. Underwriting can assist in finding a creative solution to fund new ventures.


Invest in capital raising efforts by purchasing stocks and bonds related to large corporate loans. Benefit the value accrued from the venture resulting from these loans.

Other Business Operations

Many other business transactions require outside investors, including broker trades and reorganizations. There are many opportunities to receive funding by utilizing investors. We can assist in finding creative ways to finance your business operations.

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