What songs do you listen to that help you feel energized, excited, or loved?

Do you think music can heal the mind?

Join Brent Mekosh and his guest, Andrew Sossin, co-founder of Recovery Unplugged, as they discuss how music can positively impact personal well-being. Andrew unveils his transformative journey from the beats of the music industry to the heart of co-founding a revolutionary center where melodies become therapy for addiction and mental health.

Episode talking points include:

  • Music’s unique approach to facilitate therapy for addiction and mental health issues
  • Ways Recovery Unplugged overcame financial challenges and contentious partnerships to ensure its survival
  • Andrew’s focus on ensuring the success of his business
  • Why should employers and organizations reach out for support for their employees’ mental health and addiction issues
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Over the past 20 years, it has been Andrew Sossin’s enduring pleasure to grow as a South Florida business leader and community advocate. His professional focus on financial services and business development has allowed him to establish multiple successful ventures in a wide array of fields, including addiction care, customer service, music management, and insurance.