Mental health struggles can often be overshadowed by the glitz of financial accomplishments.

It’s time to bridge the gap between professional achievement and emotional well-being!

In an effort to destigmatize mental health challenges, Brent Mekosh sits down with Mark Fujiwara, Director at Baird Private Wealth Management, who courageously shares his personal battles with depression and anxiety. This episode offers listeners a unique perspective on the intersection of mental health and financial success, promoting open dialogue around mental well-being.

Mark discusses:

  • The power of vulnerability
  • The 100-day challenge of moving out of your comfort zone
  • Common pressures faced by high achievers and entrepreneurs
  • An effective visualization exercise that helped him battle panic attacks
  • His upcoming movie “Big Stages” where aspiring public speakers go on a journey of deep transformation
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

In addition to being a Certified Portfolio Manager® and Director at Baird Private Wealth Management, Mark is a strategic investor in over a dozen high-character and high-alignment companies. He is an international speaker, recently speaking on the Private Wealth Reset at Oxford Union in England. He is the executive producer and a featured speaker in the award-winning documentary Big Stages.

Mark is also a dedicated supporter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Alliance on Mental Health, and To Write Love on Her Arms. Mark is a life-long student of optimizing his longevity, mental health, and fitness. He enjoys running marathons and is currently training for the World Senior Games track and field 200-meter sprint. His most recent charity is called The Ikigai Court, which supports the mental well-being of entrepreneurs by providing a safe space to speak openly about their mental health.