How could alternative therapies like ketamine shape the future of medical treatments, especially mental health care?

The word psychedelics may have brought a different image to mind a few years ago, but what could it do for the future?

This week on SMART MONEY. SIMPLIFIED, Brent Mekosh and Dr. Quinn Snyder, Chief Medical Officer at Daytryp Health, explore the promising role of psychedelics in medicine, specifically focusing on ketamine therapy.

Listen in as they cover the shortcomings of traditional medicine, particularly in mental health, while delving into the potential advantages of alternative therapies like ketamine.

Dr. Snyder discusses:

  • How he became interested in the medical field and the potential for ketamine
  • Why is it important to combine ketamine with psychotherapy for better outcomes
  • Ketamine compared to prescription antidepressants
  • The benefits of psychedelics in disrupting repetitive thinking patterns
  • Being an entrepreneur in the ketamine business and the potential future of psychedelic medicines
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Quinn graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2007. In 2010, after studying under Andrew Weil and traveling to India to study plant-based medicines, he completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Drexel University. Quinn has continuously practiced EM at some of the top Departments in and around Phoenix. He possesses leadership experience in Data Analytics, Quality, Operations, and Business Development. During the pandemic, he was the manager of the largest Emergency Department in Arizona, and his experience was the subject of interviews on CNN, PBS Newshour, BBC World News, NPR, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. He has used Ketamine in his clinical practice and is committed to the emerging field of psychedelic medicines for healing.