The approach you take when raising your children may vary based on their unique personalities and traits, but how can you be sure you’re raising them according to their needs?

Let’s discover how Tyler Graham’s Burn Untamed framework is helping fathers find the answer.

In this episode, Tyler joins Brent Mekosh to explore the challenges and rewards of fatherhood. They emphasize the importance of having a clear vision for fatherhood while highlighting the value of being emotionally available and spending quality time with children.

Listen in as Tyler and Brent shed light on societal stereotypes of fathers and the need for men to prioritize their role as fathers.

Tyler discusses:

  • His Burn Untamed framework and how it’s transforming the way fathers connect with their kids
  • Ways his framework can guide fathers in crafting a vision for their family life, creating a margin for quality time, and establishing rhythms to bring that vision to reality
  • How to build your unique and ideal vision of fatherhood
  • How to create emotional availability
  • The current portrayal of fathers in society
  • Strategies to balance fatherhood and work life
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

 Tyler Graham is passionate about helping other dads be intentional and present with their kids. Tyler is the husband to an amazing wife and a father to 6 beautiful kids. He and his family live in Greenville, SC.