How do developments between Africa and Russia influence global politics?

What unseen forces drive these geopolitical tensions?

How can cautious realism guide us through these intricate global politics and uncertainties?

Find out in this week’s episode of SMART MONEY. SIMPLIFIED as Brent Mekosh interviews geopolitical risk practitioner, podcast host, and published author Semaj McDowell.

Semaj explains the potential for a continental-based currency and recent developments in Niger. Brent and Semaj’s conversation covers various geopolitical issues, from the Russia-Ukraine tensions to the Israel-Hamas conflict and the geopolitical situation in North Africa.

Main talking points include:

  • How did Semaj enter the geopolitical space
  • The potential development of a continental-based currency in Africa
  • Russia’s interests in Africa and the involvement of private military contractors
  • Some of the implications of the strategic partnership between China and Russia
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Geopolitical Enthusiast – National Security, Defense, Foreign Policy, and International Politics.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Semaj McDowell has been interested in politics since a young age. While growing up, he witnessed events both in his community and around the world that informed his views on equity and justice.

Semaj firmly believes leadership is crafted through service and empowering others to succeed.