You are only one part of your business and its growth.

Growth starts from the talent you acquire and your employee’s contributions to building and moving your business forward.

How to encourage growth within the workplace while balancing professional and personal lives inside and outside the office? Do you know?

In this episode, Mark Herbert from New Paradigms, LLC joins Brent Mekosh to talk about tangible leadership skills business leaders can start applying to take their workforce to the next level. Listen in as Mark covers the value of creating a company environment that promotes growth opportunities through effective management and a comprehensive leadership style.

Mark discusses:

  • What’s an executive privilege, and how it impacts employee communication
  • What you should know about the Management by Wandering Around (MBWA) leadership style
  • The value of boundaries and balance between your employee’s personal and professional lives
  • The importance of maintaining employee happiness and its role in creating a positive work environment
  • His experience in blending cultures after a merger or acquisition without losing profit or talent
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Mark F. Herbert has over 30 years of combined corporate management and consulting experience in industries ranging from high technology and financial services to healthcare and ecotourism. His most recent corporate role was as Chief Operating/Relationship Officer for one of Oregon’s largest credit unions.

Mark is a Principal for New Paradigms, LLC, a management consultancy specializing in helping organizations effectively and successfully embrace change and engage their workforces.