Business owners, it’s no secret that you will exit your business eventually, whether you sell or pass it on.

So, how to ensure your company is at peak performance when you plan your exit?

In this episode, Brent Mekosh speaks with Jeffrey Feldberg, the co-founder of Deep Wealth. Jeffrey talks about optimizing your business value when building your exit plan and selling your business. Listen in as Jeffrey reveals how building a narrative outside of the standard evaluation can increase the value of your company and get you a nine-figure sale.

Jeffrey discusses:

  • Deep Wealth’s nine steps to building a business roadmap
  • The biggest pitfalls business owners encounter when looking to sell their business
  • How understanding the buyer’s mindset creates effective seller strategies
  • When (and why) to build your exit strategy
  • The role of team well-being and financial freedom when it comes to planning your business exit
  • And more! 

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About Our Guest:

Most business owners make the fatal mistake of believing the skills that built the business are the same ones to sell it. Jeffrey Feldberg shares from first-hand experience that the skills are entirely different. While running his eLearning company, Embanet, full-time, he dove into the crazy and wacky world of mergers and acquisitions. Jeffrey focused on business owners who either won big or lost big. He learned what to do and what not to do in the process. Countless hours and dollars went towards creating the 9-step roadmap of preparation. What was the result? He increased Embanet’s value 10X even though he had the same team and service.