There has been a lot of discussion over the past few years about digital assets and the way they continue to be an enigma to many people.

What are they? What can be expected from them in the future? These are some of the most common questions around this topic.

In this episode, Brent Mekosh interviews Michael Creadon, President of DeFi Devs, to talk about the most questioned concepts surrounding digital assets, such as blockchains and NFTs. Additionally, Michael explains what led the cryptocurrency exchange firm, FTX, to collapse.

Michael discusses:

  • His background in the financial industry and how he got into technology and blockchain
  • The definition of blockchain and how it keeps data organized as an audit trail
  • Cryptocurrencies explained with a Chuck E. Cheese analogy
  • NFTs and how this trend compares to the dot-com era
  • Ways to store your digital assets and the risks involved
  • The story behind FTX’s collapse
  • His view on blockchain’s adoption to the economy in the coming years
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Michael Creadon is President of Inveniam DeFi Devs, a fintech company sponsoring the development of the Accumulate network and protocol. Accumulate is an identity-based, high-performance blockchain that enables interoperability with other protocols and networks. He works closely with leading global exchanges and custodians to further expand the digitization of assets on the Inveniam platform.

Mike spent over 20 years in capital markets, serving as CEO of Traditum Group, a proprietary trading firm specializing in U.S. interest-rate trading and energy-market making. He is also an experienced journalist and has published articles in Bloomberg and Time Magazine. Today, Mike continues to blog regularly on LinkedIn and is widely followed on blockchain, bitcoin, and numerous other topics.