Having the best services or the best advisors won’t help a business that can’t explain its services to its clients. 

So, how to share our services in a way that promotes client relationships? 

In this episode, Brent Mekosh speaks with Lou Diamond, the founder, and CEO of Thrive LouD. Lou talks about how building connections requires clear communication, both in marketing and in one on one conversations. He also shares why he focuses on the communication aspect of businesses and its role when it comes to company growth and success.

Lou discusses:

  • Why he built Thrive LouD and how he used his experience on Wall Street to help other advisors
  • The link between communication and connections
  • How communication is moving away from the virtual world 
  • Skills business owners need to focus on when returning to in-person meetings
  • Success stories he has seen thanks to others building and implementing clear communication strategies
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

 Lou Diamond is a dynamic speaker and master connector who has consulted, mentored, and presented to hundreds of companies the world over.

 He is the CEO of THRIVE. A company focused on helping brands become even more amazing through the power of connecting.

 When he isn’t speaking or working on his top-rated Thrive LOUD podcast, he is watching his kids grow up too fast, obsessing over how bad his sports teams are, listening to country music, and playing some ‘not-so-great’ golf.

 If you or your organization are trying to find the right way to make the connections essential to achieve your business goals, Lou is the man to help you make it happen.