Balancing a successful business and a fulfilling life can come with many roadblocks.

So, how can you build your epic business while maintaining an epic life?

In this episode, Brent Mekosh speaks with Justin Breen, best-selling author and the founder of BrEpic Communications, LLC. Justin unveils the tips you need to create a balance between your business and personal life while detailing how his family influenced the way he does business.

Justin discusses:

  • The trade-off between family time and business meetings
  • Four major struggles entrepreneurs face when trying to build successful businesses
  • Why entrepreneurs prefer in-person meetings
  • Ways our habits influence the type of people we meet
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Justin Breen is the founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications, LLC, and the exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network. His first book, “Epic Business,” was a bestseller in six countries and No. 1 for Entrepreneurship in the US.

 Justin started BrEpic Communications in 2017 and launched BrEpic Network in 2022. He has built an international network of extraordinary people and believes strongly in the power of introductions and creating important relationships.

 Justin is an active member of Strategic Coach 10x Ambition Program and Abundance 360 Summit. He also mentors countless emerging entrepreneurs.

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