Wines are a product no one can ever experience from start to finish. From the ever-changing flavor as wine ages to the international options that aren’t available everywhere.

In this episode, Brent Mekosh is joined by Arden Montgomery, the co-founder, and head of marketing and sales of Argaux, in discussing the wine industry and how it has evolved during the pandemic. She shares the journey to where the business currently stands and how they continue to evolve with each challenge they face.

Arden discusses:

  • The struggles Argaux faced during the pandemic in terms of supply and demand
  • Ways the pandemic impacted wine perception and consumption
  • Reasons why the company is so passionate about sharing new wines with clients
  • How climate changes the availability of certain wines
  • Her favorite experience with wine
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Arden Montgomery is one of the co-founders of Argaux and oversees sales and marketing for the company. After graduation from U of A (where she met Margaux), she enrolled in The International Culinary Centers Intensive Sommelier Training program to become a Certified Sommelier to kickstart her desire to pursue a career in food & wine. She is incredibly proud of how Argaux is shaping the way consumers discover wine and how the brand shows up for consumers in their lives. For her, Argaux is a way of living life through delicious wine, good food, and storytelling.

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