Since the world has reopened shipping routes, the cost of transporting products has dramatically increased.

 In this episode, Ashley Andrews, Chief Executive Officer of Tiny Twinkle, joins Brent Mekosh to explore the baby goods industry and her journey as a businesswoman. Ashley details how the pandemic shutdown has impacted supply and transportation costs between China and the US.

Ashley discusses:

  • Her experience as a businesswoman in China
  • How she started in the baby goods industry
  • Why freight costs have increased since 2019
  • Advice she would give to her younger self
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Ashley Andrews is the Chief Executive Officer of Tiny Twinkle. A U.S.-based company focused on creating high-quality, safe products for babies and parents. Based in Arizona, Ashley uses her keen sense of business and creative eye for Tiny Twinkle’s silky soft swaddles, silicone bibs, teething products, and dishware for babies.