Knowing what is happening in your own backyard is only a small part of other relevant global events.

 But, what’s making headlines on the other side of the world? How’s the economic scenario looking like in countries like China and Southeast Asia?

 Get the answers to these questions in this episode of SMART MONEY. SIMPLIFIED. with the director of Royal Capital in Bangladesh, Sami Chowdhury.

 This week, Sami joins Brent Mekosh to reveal the recent events in Bangladesh in relation to their neighboring countries, India and China. Sami highlights the current economic scheme in Bangladesh, their trade agreements with their neighbors, and how India and China’s conflict impacts their current financial situation.

 Sami discusses:

 The imports and exports of Bangladesh with their bordering countries and internationally

  • How and why Bangladesh entered the apparel industry
  • What investors need to know about current events in and around China
  • How conflicts between India and China could impact Bangladesh
  • And more!